Quick Start with TechEditor


Quick Start with TechEditor

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Today we create our first document in TechEditor — we will type the text, format it and add one elementary application to the project.

1. Create a new report

Start TechEditor to create a new document. On the ribbon Tools File / Document, click New, and then New report:

Hello, world! in TechEditor

2. Type the text

Type "Hello, engineering world!" in a text editor:

Hello, world! in TechEditor report

Select the text in the editor. Format it using the Format ribbon tools:

  • font size: 16
  • style: bold

techeditor ui ribbon format fontsize

3. Create an elementary application

To create a new application, click the New application button on the File/Document toolbar:

techeditor ui ribbon new application

Click the New Form button in the appearing application editor:

techeditor ui application new form

Select the application language Pascal and click Ok.

Go to the Form tab and click the Components button:

techeditor ui application components

Select the TButton component (button) on the component palette and click on the form:

techeditor ui application tedit

Click the Inspector button to open the Object Inspector.

Highlight the button on the form. Make sure its properties are displayed in the Inspector:

techeditor ui application tbutton properties

In the Object Inspector, go to the Events tab and double-click the OnClick event. A template for the Button1Click procedure will automatically appear in the code editor:

techeditor ui application tedit onchange

In the body of the procedure, enter the following code:

procedure Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

4. Run application in TeсhEditor

Go to the Run tab and start the application with the Run button. A window with the title "Form1" will appear on the screen — this is the main window of your application.

Click on the "Button1" button. Make sure the message "Hello!" appears on the screen:

techeditor hello world 10

Congratulations! This was your first acquaintance with TechEditor.

Download helloworld.zip

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