Sequence Labels

Sequence labels are used to display numbers in the report.

Add sequence label

To add a label, use Insert > Numbered Sequences > New Label command:

TechEditor | Sequences Label

Here {N1} is a special tag. Curly braces and "N" are reserved symbols, "1" — index of the numbered sequence (level in the Sequence Manager). Press OK to confirm the addition, and Cancel to cancel.

Note: To update report, press F5 or click Automation > Automate > Update button.

To add the next number, create another label (or copy the previous and double click it to edit) and add a tag {N1+}:

TechEditor | Next Number

Nested numbers

To add a nested number, use the combination of tag(s) and desired separator(s) (usually, dot): {N1}.{N2}

TechEditor | Nested Number

Other tags

Complete list of tags and special symbols to manipulate and organize numbered sequences: 

  • {Ni} - number of the i-th sequence in the Sequence Manager;
  • {Ni+} - increment number of the i-th sequence;
  • {Ni-} - decrement number of the i-th sequence;
  • {Nio} - restart number of the i-th sequence;
  • {T} - the title of the label;
  • {P} - page number.

You can create incremental sequences and decremental, restart sequences or use the current number in a sequence.


Numbered Sequences

Sequence Manager

Sequence Labels

Sequence References

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