Diagrams: Overview

In the section Diagrams, users can create schemes, flowcharts, mindmaps and other structured graphical information.

Diagram Editor helps you build diagrams by inserting different objects (blocks), lines and linking them together. You can change the shapes of blocks, shadows, bitmaps, among other features. Blocks can be rotated and resized.

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List of main features

  • support clipboard operations;
  • block gradient, shadow and bitmap;
  • diagram navigator control for a complete overview of the diagram;
  • full block customization: pen, brush, color, selection color, minimum width and height;
  • block text customization: horizontal and vertical alignment, font, word wrap, clipping;
  • inplace block text editing;
  • full line (link) customization: pen, source arrow shape, target arrow shape;
  • arc & bezier lines, polygon objects;
  • block rotation supported (including text, bitmap, metafiles and gradient);
  • diagram snap grid;
  • diagram background image (stretched or tiled);
  • diagram rulers;
  • diagram panning, zoom in/out;
  • support for different layers;


Diagram can contain the following elements:

  • text blocks;
  • simple geometric shapes (primitives);
  • lines;
  • arrows;
  • elements of electrical circuits;
  • UML objects;
  • inserted images, etc.

You can change the properties of each element in the diagram, move, scale, delete. Diagram Editor allows you to flexibly control the view and edit items individually or in groups.

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