Diagram Objects

There are two types of diagram objects: blocks and lines.

Click Blocks to bring up a window to create blocks and lines:

TechEditor | Diagram Objects

Arrow Blocks

The following blocks are provided: Standard Arrow, Double Arrow, Quad Arrow, Triple Arrow, Chevron Arrow, BlockSingle Arrow, BlockDouble Arrow, CornerSingle Arrow, CornerDouble Arrow.

TechEditor | Arrows Blocks

Basic Blocks

The blocks of this group:

  • TDiagramBlock: a basic diagram block is full-features, allowing the setting of colors, shadows, gradient, pictures, linkpoints, shapes, and so on;
  • TDiagramLineJoin: a link point container. You can attach lines to this block (you can attach lines to any block also);
  • Text: text block;
  • Polygon: a polygon block with several sides. The end-user draws the desired sides of the polygon;
  • TMathBlock: a block for mathematical calculations;

TechEditor | Basic Blocks

Data Flow Blocks

The blocks of this group: Process, Interface, Data Store, Data Flow.

TechEditor | Data Flow Blocks

Electric Blocks

The blocks of this group: Resistor, Capacitor, Diode, Lamp, Zener Diode, Comparator, Inductor, Non-linear Inductor, Ground, NPN Transistor, PNP Transistor, PTIGBT, NPTIGBT, PIN, Thyristor, Mosfet, Switch, DuoCoilXForm, TriCoilXForm, DC Voltage Source, DC Current Source.

TechEditor | Electric Blocks

Flowchart Blocks

The blocks of this group: Decision, Action, Terminal, Data, Document, Input, Comment, List, Database.

TechEditor | Flowchart Blocks


The objects of this group: Line, Side Line, Poly Line, Arc, Bezier.

TechEditor | Lines


The blocks of this group: WinControl.

TechEditor | Miscellaneous

UML Activity

The blocks of this group: Action State, State, Initial State, Final State, Transition Fork, Transition Join, Signal Receipt, Signal Send, Object Flow, Control Flow, Object In State, Decision, Constraint, Note.

TechEditor | UML Activity

UML Component

The blocks of this group: Package, Component, Node, Dependency, Constraint, Note.

TechEditor | UML Component

UML Sequence

The blocks of this group: Object Lifelime, Activation, Message, Message (call), Message (return), Message (async.), Constraint, Note.

TechEditor | UML Sequence

UML Static

The blocks of this group: Package, Class, Data Type, Interface, Metaclass, Signal, Exception, Utility, Parametrized Class, Association Class, Object, Bound Element, Generalization, Binary Association, Composition, Link, Dependency, Binding, Trace, Refinement, Usage, Subsystem, Constraint, Note.

TechEditor | UML Static

UML Use Case

The blocks of this group:Actor, Package, Use Case, Extends, Uses, Communicates, Constraint, Note.

TechEditor | UML Use Case

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