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Welcome to the TechEditor!

TechEditor is a development environment for technical documentation and engineering calculations that provides high-quality document formatting combined with advanced calculation capabilities. The program allows you to type text in a text editor, and perform calculations, programming mini-applications, build charts and much more!

Routines for Converting Angular Measures

Routines for converting angular measures (radians, degrees, cycles).

Power Functions, Roots, Logarithms

Power Functions, Roots, Logarithms

Text Routins

Text routines that you can use in your TechEditor applications.

Mathematics in TechEditor

In TechEditor, you can do mathematical calculations in different ways. Additionally, you can use different units of measurement.

Units of Measurement

Examples of physical quantities are: mass, time, electric current and so on.

MathTranslator Object in Applications

The global MathTranslator object extends the computational capabilities of TechEditor. With it, you can carry out algebraic, trigonometric, matrix, differential, integral, symbolic calculations and work with units of measurement.

Math Object

To insert a math object into a report, click Automation tab > Math > Math Object command:

TechEditor | Insert Math Object to the Report

Document Sections

Each document in TechEditor consists of sections. A section is a separate block of a document that contains information of a specific type.

Document Explorer

Document Explorer is the primary tool window to manipulate sections.

Diagram Editor

Diagram Editor is used to creating, edit and other diagram operations.

TechEditor | Diagram Editor (User Interface)

How to evaluate a mathematical expression in TechEditor?

How to change the section name & description in Document Explorer?

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TechEditor 2.0 Overview

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