How to Install TechEditor

TechEditor is free software that runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 (32/64) operating systems. You can install TechEditor using a regular installer (.exe) or start it in portable mode (directly from the folder).


1. Download the Installer

Download the installer.

2. Run the Installer

If a firewall or antivirus protects your system and a scan for malicious code is required, agree to this scan so that the antivirus software will identify TechEditor as a trusted application.

If a standard Windows blocking window appears, to continue installing TechEditor, click "More info" then select "I understand the risk ..." and click "Run anyway":

TechEditor | Windows protected your PC

3. Install TechEditor

Process of the installation:

  1. Select Setup Language. You can change the language of TechEditor using Options
  2. Uninstall the previous version of TechEditor (recommended)
  3. Accept License Agreement
  4. Select Destination Location (by default, "C:\\Program Files (x86)\.." path uses)
  5. Select User Profiles Path (by default, "C:\\Users\.." path uses). Make sure all users have access to this folder!
  6. Select Components (Full, Compact, Custom installation)
  7. Select Start Menu Folder
  8. Select Additional Tasks (create shortcuts)
  9. Finish Installation

TechEditor | Installation Process

After installation

After installation, make sure that the program has been installed on your computer.

My antivirus is showing warnings. Can I trust the developers?

Yes, you can trust the developers and safely install TechEditor on your computer. Dystlab™ guarantees safety and the absence of any hidden threats to your computer from its software.

TechEditor runs on x64?

Yes, the program runs on the x64 platform.

Can I start TechEditor in portable mode, without installation?

Yes, you can use TechEditor as portable software.

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