Math Object

To insert a math object into a report, click Automation > Math > Math Object command:

Math Object Dialog

The Math Object dialog box looks like this:

TechEditor | Math Object Dialog

There are the following elements:

  • Input Expression
  • Output Expression
  • Text Alias

Input Expression

Using Input Expression, you can define a variable or a function.

Examples:  a:=1  b:=2.5  c:=a+b  F:=10 kN

Note that Input Expression works only if Output Expression is blank.

Output Expression

You can output a value of a variable, function, or inline expression using Output Expression.

Examples:  a  b*2  5+5*2

Text Alias

Text Alias shows its content instead of the Input Expression or Output Expression. Use this option to show some specific information instead of mathematical information. Text Alias is just a text; all mathematical equations (defined in Input Expression or Output Expression) evaluates in the background.

Confirm / Cancel

You can confirm insertion using the OK button or cancel it using Cancel.

Example (click on the image to view full size):

TechEditor | Math Object Example

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