Application Development for TechEditor: Tutorial

Introduction to Application IDE

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From this guide you will learn how to work with Application IDE and how to create your own applications — from simple calculators to effective mini-CAD systems.

What is an application

Application is a program that performs specific actions in TechEditor. This can be calculating the deflection in a beam, calculating the geometry of a section, finding the integral — any task programmed by the application developer. Applications also have access to the document report and allow you to manage its content (for example, generate text depending on the programmed condition, display formulas and other elements).

Application code is written in one of the supported programming languages. The developer has at his disposal a whole arsenal of tools for efficient operation and algorithmization of the script:

  • various data types (integers and real numbers, strings, arrays, etc.)
  • operators to work with the cycles
  • conditional operators
  • built-in procedures and functions
  • user interface elements (buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, lists)
  • etc.

Applications run inside TechEditor, but can be distributed independently as separate files. In general, the application code can even be used in other programming environments (with some restrictions).

Application IDE

Application development is carried out in a special editor Application IDE — an integrated development environment built into TechEditor. The environment allows you to create mini-programs for various purposes, in particular:

  • for technical computing (computing)
  • for working with text
  • for input, output, data management
  • etc.

With Application IDE you can create user interface. It's enough to take a blank window (form) to arrange the required components on it and prescribe the script interaction between them, the window and the application. This guide will show you how to do this.

Application IDE in TechEditor

Where can I use the apps

All applications developed in the Application IDE run exclusively in TechEditor. They are not applications for Windows, Android or any other operating system. In this case, you can use the source code of applications in other programming environments, particularly in the Embarcadero Delphi.

What programming languages are supported in Application IDE

You can develop an application in TechEditor in one of the following programming languages:

  • Pascal
  • Basic

At the moment, the most comprehensive functionality to develop applications in TehEditore implemented in Pascal. All major language constructs are supported, with minor features. Support for object-oriented programming is partially implemented.

The environment also allows you to combine programming languages within one application (for example, some functions can be written in Pascal, and some in Basic).


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