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TechEditor 3.2 released 21-01-2023!
- minor bugs fixed;
- overall speed improvements;
- fixed a bug with real numbers in spreadsheets;
- fixed a bug with the form name in the IDE;
- new example added (example of calculating a beam in TechEditor, DSSTORE-0040);
- Welcome page is updated, and more.

TechEditor 3.1.1 released 07/01/2023:
- File menu is renamed to Project;
- text constants are available on Diagrams;
- add "More colors" to the color selectors (Diagrams);
- horizontal & vertical indents (Diagrams)
- option "Remove backups on exit" repaired
- fixed the order of automated drawing in reports
- 14 free updated examples (reports, diagrams, etc.)

TechEditor released 16/12/2022:
- bugs fixed, speed improvements;
- Cyrillic units of measurement (Ukrainian): кг, г, с, м, А, К, моль, біт, рад, ср;
- improvement in Math LaTeX Object;
- "Precision" renamed to "Max. number of digits" (see Options > Math & Calculation Settings), and changed to 15 by default;

A minor update: TE Fixed bugs in the Undo operation (diagrams) + local improvements.

A minor update: TE Bug fixed + some UI improvements.

TechEditor 3.0 released 14/11/2022.

New interface, single .tec file, mathsheets, and other features!

Vitalii Artomov 1. PROJECT & INTERFACE
- from now, TechEditor will use only one file to store all project data (.tec)
- add, remove, or duplicate sections in one...
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3 months ago

Hi friends!
Despite the war, Dystlab works. We are currently developing TechEditor 3.0. In this new version, we will remove some "unnecessary" features. For example, spreadsheets will become part of reports. We will also add a new section — Mathsheet, but it is a secret

Привіт, друзі!
Попри війну, Dystlab працює. Зараз розробляємо TechEditor 3.0. В цій новій версії ми видалимо деякі "непотрібні" функції. Наприклад, електронні таблиці стануть частиною звітів. Також ми додамо новий розділ — Mathsheet, але це таємниця...
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*** TechEditor released 08-07-2022 ***
- bugs fixed
- improvements in the Math Engine
- improvements in the Reports

*** TechEditor released 30-06-2022 ***
- bugs fixed
- improvements in the Math Engine & IDE
- beta-version of the graphical scripter

In fact, we are all waiting for the release of TechEditor 3.0. But to enjoy some important features right now, we're doing this release.

*** TechEditor released 27-06-2022 ***
- bugs fixed
- improvements in the mathematical engine
- improvements in the physical quantities and units of measurement
- functions "convert", "empiric", "min", "max" are added in the Math Object
- units of measurement now can be compared (<, >, =, <=, >=)


Vitalii Artomov Important info: in the TE (build 880) fixed bug with the power of units (for example, m^3). Please update. 7 months ago

*** TechEditor released 05-06-2022 ***
- bugs fixed
- Notepad removed
- Document Properties added
- Global Constants added (now you can use global text constants in the reports in a few clicks)
- Global Math Expressions added (now you can use a pre-defined mathematical model for your reports or diagrams)
- Math Engine improvements
- Block Constraints editor (now you can set the minimum dimensions (width and height) of each diagram block)
- In the report, now you can use "Ctrl+Enter"...
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*** TechEditor Released 01-06-2022 ***
- bugs fixed
- improved performance of the Math Object (Diagrams)
- Diagrams updated: Link Points & Image commands are added ( including "Insert Image", "Original Size", "Resize Mode" )
- Preview added in the Math Object window, etc.


*** TechEditor Released 10-05-2022 ***
- bugs fixed
- improved performance of the Math Object / Formula Object (reports)
- added option "Show canonical assignment operator '=' instead of ':=' in math expressions" (reports, diagrams)
- changes in report styles: now all text styles, equation styles, numbered sequences, etc. are stored in external files (*.tecrepstyle)
- added Shared Styles — shared style files for two or more reports
- the current style of math equations in the report...
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*** TechEditor Released 26-04-2022 ***
- bugs fixed
- improvements in the file saving scheme
- new options
- Section Properties window allows you to specify the name and description of the section regardless of the file name (Document Explorer tools)
- Move Up / Move Down buttons allow you to move sections up or down in Document Explorer
- new free content on the board


Create a bibliography (references) at the end of the report? Then you probably know what happens when numbers are changed... To prevent this, use automatic references in TechEditor!


How to create references in TechEditor |...

TechEditor has built-in functionality to create multilevel numbered sequences in the reports. These tools help you to organize text content in structured blo...

Version is available today!

What's new:
- bugs fixed (math engine slightly redesigned);
- commands for fast block rotation on diagrams added (90°, -90°, or any angle);
- commands for grouping and ungrouping elements on diagrams added;
- option "AutoSave Document" added (by default, every 10 minutes);
- option "AutoBackup Section" added.
What is "AutoBackup"? It happens during autosave. For example, a copy of the current report is also created in the "backups" folder (next to the...
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How to enumerate chapters & paragraphs? |...

TechEditor has built-in functionality to create multilevel numbered sequences in the reports. These tools help you to organize text content in structured blo...

TechEditor has built-in functionality to create multilevel numbered sequences in the reports. These tools help you to organize text content in structured block items, like "1", "1.1", "1.2", and so on. But not only paragraphs can be numbered — any numbered lists, images, tables, equations, and other items. In addition, you can enumerate references and create a professional and aesthetical table of content.

Vitalii Artomov added a photo to Stream Photos album in News page 10 months ago

The new version of TechEditor 2.1.0 was released on 05.04.2022!
What's new?
- bug fixes
- links updated
- math engine improvements
- more simple and powerful numbered sequences
- completely new Dystlab Store
- and more!

The new version of TechEditor 2.1.0 was released on 05.04.2022!What's new?- bug fixes- links updated- math engine improvements- more simple and powerful numbered sequences- completely new Dystlab Store- and more!

By the Russian war in Ukraine and in solidarity with many global businesses and brands that have stopped their business in Russia, we have no plans for Russian and Belarusian localization of TechEditor. There are also no plans to develop Russian-language content and applications for TechEditor.
#prayforukraine #stoprussia

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