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User Support (English Forum)

User Support (English Forum)

Group to support English-speaking users of the program


TechEditor 3.0 is complete. Stay tuned for the release next week!

Vitalii Artomov Update. The release is postponed to November 2022. 1 month ago

In the latest versions, we introduced a new mathematical function "empiric". It helps in empirical calculations when it is necessary to carry out empirical operations with a physical quantity without losing the unit of measurement. This feature is added exclusively for engineers working in TechEditor. Other programs don't have it.

A:=25 m

In this example, B=15 (simple float value), but A is still physical quantity (length=25 m)

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The power of Diagrams in TechEditor

The power of Diagrams in TechEditor

Giorgio, "Sqr" works only in the application scripts. For math objects on the diagram or report, you need to use a special "√" symbol. For example, √(5*5)

Eng. Giorgio Garcia posted a new discussion6 months ago

How to calculate the square root in the MathBlock on...

Hi, I have a diagram with MathBlock. How I can calculate the square root? The "Sqr" function is not working.

User Support (English Forum)

Spanish localization is not yet planned. Perhaps, with increasing interest, we will consider this question. However, you can speed it up by donating.

Eng. Giorgio Garcia posted a new discussion7 months ago

Spanish Localization

Are you planning a Spanish localization of the program?

User Support (English Forum)

Yes. Click "Attach Section" menu button (Ribbon > File) or same button in the Document Explorer. I recommend that you first copy the "old" report to the "new" document folder.

Eng. Giorgio Garcia posted a new discussion7 months ago

How to connect report from one document to another?

Hi, I have 2 documents - "old" and "new". Is it possible to connect report from old document to the new?

User Support (English Forum)
Eng. Giorgio Garcia and 3 others have joined the group User Support (English Forum) 7 months ago

If you are talking about 0.8.3 version, so you can: 1. Change the extension of your document file to ZIP: document1.tec > document1.zip 2. Open this archive, and extract file reports > report_0.rvf to the hard drive 3. Change the extension: report_0.rvf > report_0.tecrep 4. Attach "report_0.tecrep" to your 2.x document

Druper, I don't understand the problem. The 1.x format is fully compatible with 2.x version. Only version 0.x is deprecated.

Druper, older versions are not freely available. You can only download the latest, up-to-date version of the program (version 2.1.x now)


We add the "Why do I see a message about the trial version?" question to the FAQ

Next update: TechEditor version 1.0.1 is available for download. Fixed document tree errors and some file operations bugs.

A small update has been released. Fixed working with styles. The version is the same, 1.0.0.

TechEditor 1.0 Installation Guide

Download and unpack the TechEditor 1.0 ZIP archive on your computer. The program can be run together with the previous version (0.8.3). This version does not require installation and will run from anywhere on the disk if you have TechEditor 0.8.3 installed.

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