What are TechEditor developers currently doing?

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What are TechEditor developers currently doing? Let me tell you a little about what's going on here :)

First I want to explain what TeсhEditor is. Clearly, this is the editor that can be used to accelerate the development of projects, to automate some calculations, and so on. But I also want to say that TechEditor is the door to the world of new opportunities. At least that's how it was designed. Regardless of who you see yourself in the world of engineering, you can use this software to your advantage.

Conventionally, everyone who works with TechEditor can be divided into two categories:

  • users
  • development engineers

The first is the majority of engineers who use the editor for their day to day work. They also actively use the best practices of other engineers - they download ready-made applications, adapt report templates for themselves, etc. This category requires minimal knowledge of the "niceties" of the program; it is assumed that ready-made solutions are enough for them to work.

In the second category, we include engineers who not only use, but also develop their applications for TechEditor. Developers require basic programming knowledge and an understanding of how a program's scripting engine works.

So, we are working on three levels. At the first level, we improve TechEditor — we fix bugs, add new commands, etc. This is important for all users, without exception.

At the second level, we create documentation and examples of finished applications. Since the source code of applications in TechEditor is completely open, developers can see how everything works there and use these solutions in their work. Ordinary users only need to launch the application and work with it without understanding the intricacies of the script.

At the third — the "deepest" — level, we develop extensions (plugins) for TechEditor. You've probably already noticed these strange files with the extension .DLL — this is it. So far, we've focused on a few key plugins — math, multiphysics / mechanics, materials science, design codes. How it works? Developers can use ready-made procedures and functions from these plugins in their applications. For example, you can call a function to determine load combinations based on the Ontario Building Code, etc. That is, it is a standardized set of ready-made solutions for developers of applications to TechEditor. Naturally, advanced users can also use them)

This is, in short, what we have been doing in recent months. Well, we are also preparing a video course for program users. Follow us in public, communicate on the forum, we will be in touch!

Yours sincerely,
Vitaliy Artоmov

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